What is the image that comes to mind when someone says ‘road trips’?

An experience of a lifetime on meandering roads, preferably in a top down convertible, with great music and wind blowing on that glorious face, of course. But what about the times when the pleasures of a road trip go haywire?

The other side of a road trip ranges from an exhausting journey, bumpy roads, a broken music player and the constant chatter on the radio, emergency loo breaks and being stuck in a car with really bad company!

If you thought you had seen it all, here is a compilation of the many tweets of experiences that fellow road trippers have faced in graver situations!

1.Good man, Jason. Should have specified how old you both were, no? That would have been easier on our imagination.2.Never take road trips to visit relatives (read: in laws). Lesson learnt.

3.Just a generation gap thing, of course.

4.Said everyone on a road trip EVER.


5.Danny’s brother takes his optimism very, very seriously.

6.Practice makes a (wo)man perfect.

7.One doesn’t simply go ill prepared on road trips in foreign lands.

8.For those who experience endless awkward moments, road tripping or otherwise.

9.This is the last gas station! It’s not a drill! This really is the last gas station!10.And finally…

There is a lot that can go wrong on a road trip, but the incidents become fun memories in the larger scheme of things. Go on a road trip, it’s always worth it! 


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