What to do after dark?

From hairpin bends to mesmerising ghats, coastal roads and the comfortable National Highways, Indian roads have something for everyone. The diversity that the country stands for is reflected in its roads.

Dotted en route every journey, whether city-to-city or across states, are beautiful landscapes, ghats and remnants of the cultural history. The drive itself is a memorable experience, with or without a destination; however there is something that makes it better than it is:

Driving on these roads under the glow of the stars!

Here are a few of the best roads to drive on during the night:

  1. Aamby Valley
    Aamby Valley has perhaps one of the smoothest and most picturesque roads. Popular amongst residents from the city due to its proximity, it is frequented by visitors during weekends (especially in the monsoon) and is one of the first choices for a short drive. The roads become even more beautiful post sunset.
  2. Mumbai – Pune Expressway
    pune expressway
    The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is considered to be one of the best roadways constructed in India. The 93km stretch is the first 6-lane concrete expressway that, on a good day, can be easily covered in 90 minutes. Driving on this spacious roadway at night is a heady feeling.
  3. East Coast Highway
    east coast highway
    Connecting Chennai to the Cuddalore via Pondicherry, the State Highway 49 (East Coast Highway) is a picturesque coastal route overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Driving over this route during night time is mystical, and sometimes, ghostly.
  4. Beach Line Vishakapatnam
    beach line
    A 40km long road along the long beach line of the Bay of Bengal is the Vizag Marine Drive. The route offers the landscapes of the Eastern Ghats on one side and the scenic Bay of Bengal on the other. Lights marked along the route light up during the night adding much the already scenic drive.
  5. Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway
    vadodara expressway
    Since the Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway was built, there has been a constant battle of the Expressways with the Mumbai – Pune Expressway. Multi-laned roads and the absence of cows and humans on the side walks make driving on this expressway a dream. It gets better at night when there are lesser cars! The 95 km long route is also a part of the Golden Quadrilateral project.

With roads like these, who has to worry about the daylight?


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