The Company You Keep

Keep your friends close and your travel buddies closer, especially while on road trips.

Even the most avid road tripper might err while making the most vital decision before hitting the road, which is choosing the right company. Family road trips are fairly straightforward (so make the most of the bhajans in the car!).

However when you’re not on typical family vacations that have planned itineraries, choose your cadre wisely. Proving by example, Dil Chahta Hai, the cult film that continues to inspire the youth in India, established that three is not a crowd (well at least not on road trips). Opposites attract and create memories by balancing the crazy with the practical.

Here are the different kinds of people we’d recommend you take along for the next drive:

The ‘Yes Man’
What do you need when you’re unsure about an idea?
A ‘Yes Man’ to validate the idea.


You: “Hey, that bridge looks unsafe, want to cross it anyways?”
Yes Man: “Yes!”
You: “And then maybe we can cross the highway blindfolding our eyes”
Yes Man: “Hell Yes!”  


Courage the Cowardly Friend
He warned you about not crossing that aforementioned bridge, protested loudly when you went ahead and did it anyway, and then came to your rescue when you fell into the water.


The Young Champ
The little ones are adorable and keep you entertained on the road.

Caution: The entertainment may sometimes spew all over the car.


The Girlfriend/Wife
They are by far the best company to take on a road trip. And no, I’m not just writing this because you’ll be reading it hon.


The Enthu-Guy
Always on a sugar-rush, the enthusiastic guy makes your trip memorable. He’ll get you excited about ANYTHING.


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Now that you know you are taking a road trip, and have shortlisted your companions, check out the Easy Roads app for ideas on how to make the drive more entertaining!