Scary Roads (1.0)

There is no dearth of heavenly roads in India. And then, there are some roads which will send chills down the driver’s spine.

India is a nation of brave hearts. Most vehicles swim across the sea of traffic (some, annoyingly enough, against the tide!), expertly avoiding any minor obstruction along the way. Despite conditions which are hardly ideal, most daredevils manage to drive, drift, skid, slip and finally escape unscathed and at times, emerge victorious (basically, they reach their destination unhurt and on time).

It’s about time these real-life stuntmen met their match. Here are some of the roads across India that may possibly send shivers down the spines of the most accomplished motorists.

 1.National Highway 22

Dangerous cliffs, tricky bridges, weather-beaten tunnels meshed with a steady wave of heavy traffic and… Voila! We have one of the most perilous highways in India. The NH22 is also referred to as the “highway to hell” and is near Kalka, Panchkula at the foothills of the Himalayas. Treacherous hairpin bends landslides and unpredictable snowfall are added incentives to traverse this highway.

2.Three Level Zigzag road

Located near Zuluk, Sikkim, this winding road is an example of geometric beauty. Apart from being a panoramic viewpoint, the road doubles up as a dizzying roller coaster ride. The road stands at an astonishing height of 11200 ft. As if this wasn’t enough, the road has a disconcerting 100 hairpin bends in just 30 km.

What’s a little mountain, altitude and road sickness for a seasoned road tripper, eh?

3.Kasara Ghat

Flanked by a verdant landscape on one side and lofty mountains on another, the drive through the Kasara ghat is an unforgettable experience during the day. However, as the night approaches, there’s a thrill in the air. It’s the scent of danger. But, don’t you worry! Throughout the stretch, you’ll have the company of headless apparitions, perched on the branches of trees, dangling their legs. Worth driving here at night, isn’t it?

Take a look at some of the exciting episodes about the Kasara ghat online, you’ll know what we mean!

4.Rajmachi road

The route to Rajmachi is generally used to reach two forts – Sriwardhan and Manaranjan, which are both blessed with brilliant views of the Sahyadris.

What makes this seemingly innocuous dirt route so scary? The Rain Gods have an answer to this question. Come monsoons and the Rajmachi road transforms itself into a rugged, marshy belt. When jeeps with four wheel drive find it hard to negotiate through the terrain, you just know it won’t be an easy ride. Your car is bound to get a brand new paint job (50 shades of brown) as you wheel-spin through the slush.

You’ll probably end up getting the perfect mud bath, too. Au naturel of course!

5.Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary corridor

White ladies haunting roads is too mainstream for this eerie road. Remember Veerappan, the scary bandit with the super cool moustache? This was his haunt. And now, after his death, maybe it still is. Loud screams, floating lanterns, the ghost of a gun-toting bandit – now that’s more like it! A part of NH 209, driving through this spooky sanctuary requires some serious ba… err guts. And if you happen to encounter a thin, bushy moustachioed man en route, he’ll probably be your best guide around the sanctuary.

As the Mountain Dew team quite succinctly says, “Darr ke aage jeet hai”. So go ahead, conquer those roads. Don’t forget to let us know your experiences though! We’ll be back with the next batch of scary roads soon.


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