Scary Roads (2.0)

Some roads are not for the light-hearted.

Every coin has two sides. So does every road. India has been blessed with countless charming roads that allure thrill seekers and travellers alike. These breath taking routes manage to intimidate even the most experienced drivers.

Hopefully, the first set of scary roads kept you on the edge of your seats. As promised we’re back with another list of roads that test your nerves.

If you think you’ve seen it all, maybe the following roads might change your opinion.

  1. Zoji La Pass

Slithering away at a high altitude of about 3500 m, this 9 km-long serpentine trail connects Leh and Srinagar, and is a part of a national highway. Transforming from a rusty, dirt road to a heavenly pass to an unassailable band of ice in a matter of months, crossing the Zoji La pass is an open challenge for all adventure junkies.

P.S.: The highway is notorious for being jammed by herds of goat and sheep!

2. Rohtang pass

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Serving as the gateway to Ladakh, the Rohtang pass blends scintillating views of pristine glaciers and different hues of mountains in the horizon with 12 hour long traffic snarls and roads which make you rethink the very definition of “muddy roads”. And of course it is occasionally frozen over. Well it is the road to Ladakh, what else did you expect?

3. Kollimalai Ghat Road


A single hairpin bend is difficult to negotiate. Well, how about 70 continuous ones?

Literally meaning the ‘mountains of death’, the Kolli hills have curves in all the wrong places.

A picturesque view of the grey dirt road weaving through rows of trees waits at the top for those who try. Tricky it might be, but driving on the Kollimalai Ghat road is an exhilarating experience.

4.East Coast Road


The ECR is one of India’s most scenic routes. Abuzz with local dhabas and roadside shops, the ECR paints a delightful picture during the day. However, the night changes this pleasant setting.

There are multiple ghost stories associated with this stretch – of an old woman who lost her family during the tsunami, of a father and son who dies in the tsunami – stories you should read more about before you drive down!

5. Munnar road


A heavenly route in God’s own country – the Munnar road is a picture of ethereal beauty. Surrounded by misty clouds and verdant greenery, the road twists and turns around the hilly terrain. However, the stretch from Bodi to Munnar is full of steep slopes, narrow roads and blind spots which provide a constant challenge for drivers. During monsoons, heavy fog and occasional landslides add to the mix.

Let a local driver take the wheel for this one, maybe?


What’s life without a little risk, right? Formidable, spooky, even treacherous at times, these roads promise you an eventful trip. Clearly, some roads aren’t for the light-hearted!


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