Safety First: A Band of Girls on the Road

How I convinced my parents to let me road trip to Goa with a group of girls

My sister and I had been planning to take a break from the Mumbai life during the summer since a year now. After months of discussion, we decided to take a road trip to Goa with a group of our common friends. The excitement was palpable. Our parents had given us the green signal to take the first road trip of our lives, after all!


A week before our first road trip ever – it was almost stalled.

The parents suddenly realized that it was going to be a bunch of girls scaling the roads to Goa. With a lot of uncertainties put forth as problems including getting lost or robbed in the middle of nowhere, we were given an ultimatum – find a solution or the trip was cancelled.


And we found one.

Basically, our parents wanted to make sure that we were safe. We had to make sure that we knew where we were heading at all times and so did our parents.

What could be a better idea than installing a GPS tracking system? That little miracle of technology saved us for good!

The journey from Mumbai to Karad was not a difficult task at all; we were having second thoughts about our GPS device for a while until my father called us and told us exactly where we were – that was something. After a nearly 6 hour drive to Karad, we decided to take a break and relax for a while in the middle of a scenic road. We were about to begin eating when we got a frantic call from my mother –

“Why did you stop? Where are you girls? This device shows you aren’t moving from the last 10 minutes!”

After calming her down, we realized that we couldn’t have found a better solution! The parents kept an eye out for us and of course, Goa didn’t let us down.

Safe Drives


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