Roadside Assistance

What if the car runs out of fuel? Or worse, just stops? Well, worry not! TLC Assist, the trustworthy car doctors for every eventuality make the journey of every road tripper a safe one by providing 24×7 road side assistance!

What makes this service even better is that it is FREE for EasyRoads’ users.

Make sure you send us an email, sign up for the service and have your membership number ready before you avail this facility!

Important Terms and Conditions

  • All EasyRoads app users can avail the benefits of TLC Assist Silver Membership Plan without having to pay the yearly subscription fee! Services you can avail of are : Assistance with mechanical and electrical failures (engine failure, battery jump-start, fuel pump, fuel filter), punctures, fuel running out, as well as car repatriation in case of car engine problems or accidents.


  • Personal vehicles and self-driven cars on rent (example:- Zoomcar) are covered under Roadside Assistance Membership for your vehicle irrespective of who is driving.
  • Service is only available within India, barring all islands.
  • What’s free?
    • On call roadside assistance
    • Helping with problem identification 
    • Mechanic dispatch to your location.
      Note: The mechanic will try and use available parts for repair. However, the cost of additional parts has to be borne by the customer.
  • What’s not free?
    • Routine maintenance/running repairs
    • The cost of spare parts, fuel, oil, keys, specialist lifting equipment, garage or other labour required to repair your vehicle.
      Note: All costs will be based on actual cost incurred.
  • For any charged service you will need to pay the mechanic directly for cost of part/service as per the actual cost incurred. TLC Assist is not liable for any disputes with the mechanic, all disputes need to be settled between the customer and the technician/garage directly.
  • The vehicle should not have crossed it’s tenth birthday at the date of registration at TLC Assist.

Stress-free trips are now accessible!


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