Why should you Road Trip to Alibaug?

The dilemma of every traveller heading to Alibaug from Mumbai – to go by road or take the ferry! Wondering why drive to Alibaug when you can reach there in less than half the time in a comfortable catamaran? We’ve got all the reasons:

1. The scenic route:


It might not be as quick as the ferry but well who wants a coastal drive to end soon? Konkan coast is one of the first few names on every road tripper’s bucket list in India. An endless horizon in sight, sound of the waves lapping against the shore, and a smooth tar road; this peaceful road trip will leave you asking for more. Yes there are some potholes, but you won’t often get the opportunity to roll down the window and enjoy the wind in your hair. This road trip gives you just that.

2. Quality time with your loved ones:

road trip_free

The short ferry ride and the hassle of travelling to and from the jetty takes away the liberty to enjoy your journey. Start your road trip at your convenience without the fear of missing your scheduled ferry. While you indulge in some meaningful conversations (and some not-so meaningful ones), don’t forget to take ample of halts to try out the delicious Konkani cuisine by the roadside stalls.

3. The detours and adventures:

bird sanctuary

A ferry ride will keep you from exploring the attractions en-route. The roads between Mumbai and Alibaug are filled with places worthwhile to explore. Stop at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, take some detours, go off the grid, and make the most of your getaway even before you arrive.      

4. Skip the seasickness:

Alibaug road trip

Choosing the road is definitely a better option for someone who gets seasick. Skip the nausea and enjoy the sea just the way you want it: at the beach!


If this doesn’t convince you to hit the road to Alibaug, then nothing will. What are you waiting for? Grab your keys already. Rest assured you are up for one crazy drive.

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(Feature Image Source: hindustantimes.com)