Road trips perfect for Spring!

If not everything, everybody deserves a good morning’s cup of tea, a nice, crisp glass of wine, and a holiday! For all those tea lovers and wine connoisseurs out there, spring is here and it’s here for you. Get ready for some serious grape-stomping and tea leaves plucking. Here’s where you can go to fulfill those dreams:

The Vineyards:

1. Sula Vineyards:

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If you love wine (or not), you probably already know about Sula. The ever famous, Sula Vineyards is best visited in March. Take an estate tour, go for wine tasting workshops, stomp some grapes, or just relax while taking in the lush, green views. Make sure you spend a night or two here as they have some great dining and stay options. 

2. Fratelli Wines

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A hidden gem in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, Fratelli Vineyards is a 240 acre property full of bliss. Come here to taste some of the finest wines in India, produced by the Italian wine maker Piero Masi. Just a short, 4 hour drive from Pune, this one is a great weekend getaway. Crisp wine, gorgeous views, and lots of pampering – everything you can think of for an ideal weekend, Fratelli Vineyards has got it covered.

3. Grover Zampa Vineyards:

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One of the first vineyards to open its gates for wine tasting tours in Bangalore, Grover Winery has come a long way. A short, scenic drive from the city, Grover Vineyards are located at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Known for the warm hospitality and the engaging tours, this is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon away from the city.

The Tea Estates:

1. Kangra Valley:

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The harvest season of Kangra Valley’s green tea is every tea lover’s dream. The famous Kangra tea grows mainly in Dharamshala and Palampur regions, both known for their exceptionally beautiful landscapes. These Chinese origin tea plantations are a sight to behold; especially during the first flush of the year (through March and April) when they appear as a green velvet carpet. Pluck tea leaves yourself for your cuppa and remember to shop for a bulk to carry back home. Manjhee Valley Tea Garden and Darang tea estate are some of the best options.

2. Darjeeling:

The world famous Darjeeling tea has its first flush i.e, the spring harvest during mid- March. The finest quality of this tea comes out of the first flush. More delicate and tender leaves, these are fresh and have floral undertones as compared to the regular black leaves. This one is must-try for all those tea pundits out there. Glenburn Tea estate has a great stay option with snow-capped mountains lurking behind.

3. Assam:

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In Assam, relax at one of the many colonial bungalows at a tea estate and savour the experience along with a hot brew. The first flush/harvest season happens at the end of March; and what can be a better idea than visiting Jorhat, the tea capital of the world during this time? Wild Mahseer is a colonial plantation which offers tea plucking and a comfortable stay!

Now that your pursuit of wine and tea trail ends here, gear up for some tastings of the season. Which one are you heading to?


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