Road Trips for Women Travellers!

Travelling alone is something we all aim to do once in our lives. Solo travel teaches us a lot about ourselves. But every time someone is asked where they would travel alone {especially women}, the answer is never India. Here are our list of road trips which are safe(r), and will leave you wanting more. Go on, #hittheroad.

1. Kashid:

Walk down the beach with your friend and develop a deeper bond

What to do? It rarely happens that everyone from your girl gang decides on one kind of place to hit the road. Fret not. If you can’t decide between beaches, wildlife, and mountains – head to Kashid. This offbeat place has it all. Explore the Korlai fort and know about the history of Korlai culture. Even better, you get to gorge on to some great Konkani dishes.

Where to stay? Gulzar Homestay, with Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary for a backyard is a great option for accommodations in Kashid. You might lose the mobile network as soon as you enter the gate but on the plus side you will have some much assured solitude and peace.

Route: Mumbai – Kashid – Mumbai

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

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2. Sula vineyards

Wine a little it will make you feel better
Lonely,ain’t it?

What to do? A mandatory getaway for those who have been postponing their trips because of a busy schedule, Sula Vineyards will keep you charged up for many weeks. Before you even reach, enjoy the scenic drive through the rustic village of Igatpuri. Sula Vineyards has ample of activities in store. Go wine tasting, grape-stomping, or better yet, take up a wine course if you have the time.  

Where to stay? Surrounded by lush green mountains, Sula Vineyards has a great stay option at its property. We recommend Beyond by Sula which is just 3 km from the vineyards.  

Route: Mumbai – Sula Vineyards – Mumbai

Duration: 1 – 2 Days

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3. Hampi

Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off, Build your wings on the way down.
What’s stopping you?

What to do? The hippie town of Hampi is divided into two – check out some great temples and architecture on one side and head to the “other side” to relax amidst the ruins of Hampi. Hampi is best explored on a cycle. Start with the intricate carvings of Vitthala and Virupaksha temple and catch the sunset behind the boulders. If you want to add a dash of adventure to your trip; go bouldering and cliff diving.

Where to stay? The Karnataka government property, Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari is safe and has a great location. The receptionists can even arrange for sight-seeing tours on request.   

Route: Bangalore – Hampi – Badami – Hampi – Bangalore

Duration: 3- 4 Days

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4. Chikmagaluru

What to do? Acres of coffee plantations, mountains, and the delicious aroma of coffee waking you up! If all this sets you dreaming, Chikmagaluru is for you. Go here for the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri; you can either trek or drive all the way up to the peak. If you want something laid back, take long walks at a coffee estates covered in a white carpet of coffee blossoms in spring. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have unlimited filter kaapi, freshly brewed for you.

Where to stay? Halli Berri Coffee Cottages is one of the best estate stays in Chikmagaluru. Backed by an all women staff, the stay here will inspire you on many levels. Also, the coffee here is exceptionally famous.

Route: Bangalore – Chikmagaluru – Bangalore

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

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5. Sariska National Park and Alwar:  

What to do? For the die-hard nature and wildlife lovers, a short drive from the city will take you to the forests of Sariska. Once famous for tiger huntings, Sariska is now a tiger reserve. The summer is the best time to spot the big cat. For better chances take an early morning gypsy safari. If you’d like to explore the royal culture of Alwar, explore some of the many palaces and forts like Bhangarh, Alwar City Palace, and Ajabgarh Fort. The step well of Chand Baori is also a great sight.

Where to stay? Tiger’s Den is a comfortable property close to the Sariska Tiger Reserve and has great views of the surrounding Aravalli range.   

Route: Delhi – Alwar – Sariska – Alwar – Delhi

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

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6. Rishikesh:

What to do? Adventure and spirituality rolled into one, a trip to Rishikesh will be tranquil and exciting at the same time. All the daredevil women out there, come here to quench your thirst of adventure. Right from bungee jumping to river rafting, from cliff diving to Flying Fox, Rishikesh has everything. Adding to that, the cool mountain breeze and quaint uphill villages will leave you wanting more.

Where to stay?  Stay at Camp AquaForest for a dose of adventure without having to compromise on the luxuries. Also, river rafting options are just a stone’s throw away from here.

Route: Delhi – Mussoorie – Rishikesh – Delhi

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

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Once you set out on one of these open roads you will realise how easy it is to forget all about your fears. But even with great services for women in the country, it’s always best to be prepared, and be safe. So, get your pepper sprays and tasers packed and get ready to take on the road.


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