Road trips for the adventurous!

It’s time to pull up your socks and start ticking items off your bucket list. Soar high up in the sky, and dive deep down in the ocean as yet another long weekend comes beckoning. A three day long weekend to push your limits, meet all your dreams, and take on life; here’s ‘How’ and ‘Where’ you can do all of that, and that too with a road trip!  

. Paragliding:

Bir Billing(Image Source:

No one ever looked back and regretted spending a weekend hovering over lush green landscapes. Fight your fears and try some flying this long weekend. Before you let any of the excuses come in the way, know that you will be harnessed safely and will have a trained pilot with you as you somersault in the sky. People who want to take up paragliding more seriously, you have the different levels of courses you can choose from.  

Mumbai – The nearest paragliding destination from Mumbai is Kamshet. Android users, plan your road trip here

Bengaluru – Bengaluru people head to Yelagiri for the flying experience. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Delhi – Delhi-ites, you have the quiet town of Bir-Billing to fly over. Android users, plan your road trip here.


2. River Rafting:


Paddle through the gurgling white river in a Himalayan valley or amidst the Sahyadris; this sport will make sure your adrenaline keeps rushing throughout. Even if you are a water baby and have a professional guide, be warned that taming these high rapids isn’t all that easy. So, hold on tight.

Mumbai – Kolad is one of the favourite destinations for river rafting in Maharashtra. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Bengaluru – The Kali river of Dandeli is an ideal getaway for river rafting from Bengaluru. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Delhi – Delhi folks, paddle through the rapids of river Ganga in Rishikesh. Android users, plan your road trip here.


3. Trekking:


Nature lovers, let your long weekend roll in the laps of mountains. If you are looking for something treacherous or just a little fun stroll, there is no dearth of great trails in the country. You have the massive Himalayas in the north, covered in Pine and Deodar trees and then there is the biodiversity of Western Ghats. Be it Mumbai, Bengaluru, or Delhi, you will be spoilt for choice. So, bring those trekking shoes out and get ready to explore.

Mumbai – A trail that will intrigue both, a beginner and a professional; Karnala fort trek is just a short drive from Mumbai. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Bengaluru – Bengaluru people, head to Chikkamagaluru for the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Delhi – With the Himalayas just a stone’s throw away, Delhi people can never run out of options for trekking. Head over to Dalhousie for the scenic treks like Dainkund and Khajjiar. Android users, plan your road trip here.


4. Cycling:

Hampi cycle(Image Source:

Want to enjoy the long weekend at your pace? Hit the road on a bicycle and scout a new town for a dose of culture and tradition. There is a great deal of options around Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru alike. Many towns offer bike tours which you can participate in or just rent a cycle and explore on your own. For the daredevils, you can rough it up a bit and opt to go on a mountain biking expedition; especially in the north.

Mumbai – The little hippie town of Hampi is best explored on a bicycle. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Bengaluru – This is a great time to cycle your way through the tea plantations of Munnar. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Delhi – Head to the classic hill station of Mussoorie and Rishikesh for some great cycling routes. You will even find some off-road, mountain biking trails here. Android users, plan your road trip here.


5. Scuba Diving:

Swim with the pretty fishes, spot some unique coral reefs, and enjoy the bliss of the ocean at its depth. A thrill for the ocean lovers, Scuba diving has been developed vastly in the country with more and more PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) institutes coming up. If you are too keen, take up a course at an institute or just dive with the instructor for an experience. And don’t worry if you aren’t much of a swimmer, you can still scuba dive!

Mumbai – Head to Malvan for scuba diving at the virgin beach of Tarkarli. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Bengaluru – A trip to the French town of Pondicherry for scuba diving makes up in every way for an exotic trip. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Cliff Diving:

Cliff Diving(Image Source:

If you love water sports and height, cliff diving is the ultimate thrill for you. To the surprise of many, there are indeed a few great locations for cliff diving in India – some managed by professional guides and some not. You have options ranging from as low as 20ft to 75ft to plunge into the water. Learn the right technique, take your squad along, and you are bound to have the time of your life.

Mumbai – Head to the “other side” of Hampi for some crazy cliff diving and while you are at it try some bouldering too. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Bengaluru – A hidden gem, St. Mary’s Island in Malpe is as scenic as it gets. Plunge into the clear blue ocean from the crystallised basalt rock cliffs. Be warned, you will find no professional guidance out here. Android users, plan your road trip here.

Delhi – A famous adventure destination, Rishikesh has a well organised cliff diving spot. Android users, plan your road trip here.

So, which name are you ticking off the bucket list first? Hurry up and start planning before the long weekend slips out of your hand. Also, don’t forget to tell us about your crazy escapade!


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