The First Road Trip, what should you keep in mind?

Planning a road trip requires care and consideration, especially if you are taking your first road trip EVER.

To get you a little less worked up about preparing for it, we bring you a list of travel essentials to make things easier!

1.The Papers

First things first – do not forget to carry the necessary legal documents of your car before leaving, as cross –state travel generally leads to security checks of vehicles.

The other important legal record to be carried is the driver’s license as well as government approved identification.

2.First – Aid

To tackle unexpected motion sickness, acidity, fever etc., carrying a basic first aid kit is of utmost importance. It also helps to keep emergency medicine in case of an accident. Better safe than sorry!

3.Plan a route – and expect detours.

A road trip must be well planned – not over planned.

Even in the age of Google maps and numerous apps to conveniently map both routes and restaurants, there is always a hint of surprise visits and detours. Embrace and enjoy these joys of road trips.

4.A LOT of food.

The trick to carry a lot of food and not get sick on a road trip is to carry the right food.

5.Be toll ready.

Toll plazas are strategically placed at every major junction on highways, therefore change handy is a must in order to not search through pockets and compartments at the last minute.

6.Be the inner DJ that you are.

Road trips are the best kind of trips and a good music playlist only adds to the fun! Just a tip – prepare a music playlist well in advance on your phone or go old school with CDs.

P.S.: We have a playlist prepared for you already.

7.The epic Indian truck quotes.

Every long distance road trip enables us to the world of free ‘philosophy’ that is offered by the many heavy goods trucks that roam the highways of India all year long.

Make notes, or even better, capture these life changing quotes from the back of the trucks – you will thank us forever. Which reminds us of…

8.Unleash the photographer in you.

This is your chance to post exotic-looking, well filtered, scenic, nature-loving pictures on your Instagram, with the necessary hashtags of course.

If not a professional camera, a decent smart phone is a good alternative to indulge in amateur photography.

9.The Budget

The most paramount aspect of travel, the budget is what makes a road trip happen. Refer to point three and you will realize that routes waver and plans change, thus the smartest thing to do in a situation as such is to assume a 20-30% hike in your budget, just in case. Also, never bank blindly on the availability of ATMs. Keep spare cash with you.

10.Finally, your car.

All that aforementioned preparation will be null and void without a four wheeler automobile.

So get that car serviced from the tyres, engine to a crystal clear windshield and functional dippers to have a smooth and a breakdown-free road trip.


For more tips and tricks on how to make your road trip safer and much more fun, download the Easy Roads app. Your trip planning will be a breeze!