People You Don’t Want To Share A Road Trip With

There is a reason why road trips are main plots of movies that are adventurous, meaningful or just plain crazy. Road trip experiences are usually happy instances of self-discovery and fun that differ with every new turn and route!

It may all seem hunky-dory at first – the expectation of a perfect road trip on near-perfect roads, acoustic music playlist and a happy company. But what is also possible is – to have the worst memories if traveling with the wrong people.
We earlier brought to you a list of people you must road trip with. Now, we bring to you the types of people you should NOT take a road trip with!

1.The Persistent Complainer

These people are those who complain about practically everything around them; irrespective of the feelings hurt and mental conditions destabilized.


If you are planning to take someone on a road trip who keeps complaining about life threatening driving skills, the government policy and most importantly, about roads – you know you are about head right into irritation + boredom. This is not a suggestion; just don’t take this person along. Pretty please?

2.The Grand Know-It-All

This person stresses about knowing EVERY thing – the best routes, the best hotels, a better car (while pointedly look at yours).While a knowledgeable person may be appreciated, you certainly don’t want a talking Google right next you to kill the fun.

“This is the best highway that we drove on, so far.”
“I know.”
“This is the best journey of my life!”
“I know.”

“Easy Roads is an awesome road trip planning app!”
“I know.” (We wouldn’t mind this one!)

3.The Defeatist

The Kings and Queens of undesirable outcome, the defeatists, also known as pessimists, love being negative irrespective of the reality of the situation. Go a little over 60 and they will discuss the afterlife with you; hit the accelerator harder and they will ensure you greet your ancestors already.

Just kidding, don’t drive unnecessarily fast.

4.The Indecisive One

Indecision ranges across extremely crucial points – from selecting the road route to making life decisions.

Therefore, taking an indecisive person to experience the joys of road trips is safe – until you give options and ask them to make a choice.

Beginning with the struggle of choosing a destination for the road trip to deciding which places to stop at for a loo break, your indecisive travel partner will ‘I…don’t know’ all journey long. If you are someone who takes into consideration people’s opinions on the go – do not take The Indecisive One for a road trip!

5.The Social Media Addict

If you don’t know someone with a heavy obsession with sharing selfies on Snapchat all day, checking in places on Facebook and Twitter then you, friend, are a lucky person. And a liar. It is almost unnatural to NOT know someone with the aforementioned traits! A road trip gives such serial social media addicts just the perfect excuse to keep updating their life online every ten minutes, and if you have a camera thrusted at your face while driving – all the best with the roads.

Seriously, do not be a victim. Don’t share a road trip with this person.

P.S This kind likes it if you call them with their Instagram/Twitter handle.

Now that you know the key to a happy road trip, we sincerely hope that you aren’t one of the aforementioned people. Or if you are, you now know what people think of you! Plan a road trip with the kind of people you want to be around. Because there’s nothing like being stuck in a car with someone who annoys you throughout the journey.

Plan your road trips with Easy Roads, and even the Indecisive One will say yes to everything!