Packing List you need for a road trip!


The excitement of a road trip can sometimes get dimmed by the conundrum of what to pack – while travelling light seems to be a good option, you also don’t want to leave the important stuff behind. So, here is a road trip packing list of essential items that you might need:

  1. First Aid Kit: Whether you accidentally cut yourself or had a wrong snack on the road, first aid kit will come in handy, more than you think.
  2. Mosquito Spray: Gotta keep the bugs away!
  3. Hand Sanitizers: You can’t predict the amount of dirt your hands will be exposed to.
  4. Auto Essentials: A spare tire and some motor oil, among other motor essentials can help you a great deal when you end up with minor problems on the road.
  5. Sleeping Gear:  For the unprecedented number of places where sleeping under the stars is a better option than staying at a hotel.
  6. Driver’s License: Just in case packing this important document slips your mind.
  7. Portable Power Device: For keeping your phone and tablet charged as per your convenience a portable charger comes in handy. You can always recharge them at rest stops and hotels, just keep an eye on where your where your gadget is.
  8. Snacks/Food: On the road, there’s a chance you might run out of restaurants to dine at! So keep some munchies by your side to keep yourself well fed at all times.


  1. Journal: A record of those unheard of local jokes, breakthroughs, surroundings, and thoughts which will help you process them later.
  2. Sunscreen: A road trip without sun protection is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to lather up on sunscreen periodically throughout the trip.
  3. Extra set of Keys: You never know when you will lose the set you are used to.
  4. Binoculars: To get a closer look of those distant peaks.
  5. Pocket Knife: You simply cannot count the number of times that you will need to use a pocket knife.
  6. Games and activity sets: A game of teen patti will definitely spice up your trip!
  7. Reading materials: A book or magazine is always a good way to pass time.
  8. Good Walking Shoes: Though this sounds like something you will never forget, here’s a gentle reminder for this essential item, especially if you find yourself wandering in rough terrains/grounds.
  9. Toilet paper:  You may or may not find clean loos on the road, and if you have toilet papers in such unfortunate situations it might save your day!
  10. A cooler: To stuff restaurant leftovers, roadside snacks, soda and anything you want to keep cold. It’s cheaper than buying food and beverages at every stop.
  11. Ziploc Bags: To pack and protect those delicate items in your bag!
  12. Multi socket Power strip: This will help you charge most of your electronics at a go. Besides, a multi socket power strip lessens your chances of leaving anything behind.

And finally a Positive Attitude: Nasty things that will push your buttons will obviously happen on the road. You need just to have a positive attitude.


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Happy travels!