Nocturnal Drives

The idea of a road trip at night to Harishchandragad might not have been the brightest (we wanted to not just drive till there, but also trek to the peak). Nor was the night itself. But, this impulsive trip still managed to have its positives. For once, I realised that, sometimes, the dark night enlightens us more than we give it credit for.

The wind ruffled through my hair as the miles sped past. The conversations inside the car had somehow veered into the subject of art. Back on the road, the subtle changes of the night were finally visible. Shadows lurked behind every tree, fading into the distance. Leaves creaked beneath the wheels. As the moonless skies looked on, I noticed that the scene resembled one from scary movies. What was surprising was the fact that I wasn’t really scared of it!

night drive

I had been transported into a different dimension altogether. The car, the night and the patch of road ahead formed my world. I was free from the babel of horns. The car wasn’t racing to reach the office. This road trip was about enjoying the drive. The sound of the whistling wind was clearly audible. The trees on either side of the path almost formed a natural tunnel – dark and silent. I could see the light at the end of it. I was moving towards it.

And just like that, the flashing headlights and blaring horn of the oncoming vehicle snapped me out of my trance. I looked up to see Harishchandragad looming in front of me. It was time to face the night.


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