No Trouble in Paradise

New drivers become mesmerized with the ‘drive’. Any excuse is good enough for them to sit behind the wheel and hit the road. It is these drivers who grow to love the long drive to distant lands and appreciate the architecture of routes and roads. They learn the art of driving and master the skill of parallel parking.

While no one goes on road trips expecting them to take a turn for the worse, that possibility cannot be ruled out. Hence it’s best to take precautionary measures before setting out on a long drive.

Fuel Indicator

Personally, these preventative measures don’t come naturally. Often my ‘Indian’ mentality, so to speak, always makes me ignore the ‘low fuel’ indication on the gauge. I greatly regretted it when I was driving the 84-kilometer stretch from Valpoi to Belgaum, without a petrol station on the way. A mental calculation of the amount of petrol and the average told me that I would make it to the other side, although it was always going to be a close call. The car ran out of fuel with 28km to go. I was stranded for five hours in the middle of the forest highway road, till a friend I had called drove from Valpoi to where I was stuck with a can of petrol.


These are possibilities that need to be acknowledged, but the solutions have now become easier. After this incident I did my research. A service such as 24/7-road side assistance is a lifesaver. Providing fixtures, pick-ups and obviously fuel refills, it’s convenient and prevents bad experiences. Well, almost.


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