Lesser known things around Pondicherry

With the India Bike Week’s Iconic 5 rides coming up soon, we bet you must be planning your trips already. The first of the Iconic 5 rides is to Pondicherry. Everyone knows about the sublime beaches, quaint churches, and the cheerful French cafes. Well, there’s a lot more to this quirky little union territory. Here’s a list of lesser known things in and around Pondicherry which you can add to your itinerary!

Cycling and Walking tours:


The right way to explore the narrow streets of Pondicherry is either on your feet or on a colourful, vintage bicycle. Call Sita Cultural center (+91 413 42 007 18) for organised cycle tours or rent a one and explore on your own. If you prefer walking, Shanti Travel (+914134210401) has 2 hour walking tours across the White Town.   

2. Scuba Diving and Surfing: 

People saving up for a trip to Lakshadweep or Andaman and Nicobar islands, here’s a chance to make your dream come true! Pondicherry gives you a similar experience over a weekend and in half the price. Take a scuba diving lesson at Temple Adventures (+919940219449) or ride some waves with the Kallialay Surf School (+919442992874). Next time you set out to tick some names off your bucket list, don’t forget about Pondicherry.

3. Baker street:

Baker Street

What’s a trip to Pondicherry if not an overdose of delicious French food? Foodie or not, Baker Street is a must visit. Bagels, pretzels, croissants, quiches, you name it and this place has it for you! A hearty breakfast here will cost you around Rs. 400 for 2 people.

. Kasha ki Aasha: 

Kashaa ki Ashaa(Image Source: theculturetrip.com)

Kasha ki aasha is an art boutique and café run by an all-women staff. For those who want to look beyond the French culture in Pondicherry, this place shows you what the Tamil culture has to offer. Right from the traditional South Indian cuisine to authentic accessories, you will find everything here. Spend an afternoon lazing around here and shop for some beautiful handmade jewellery, bags, and organic body products.

5. Arikamedu:


Pondicherry doesn’t leave the architecture and history lovers out. With the beaches stealing the glory, the ancient site of Arikamedu gets left behind. Now in ruins, this place tells the trade tales of 3rd century BC between Romans and Chola dynasty of Tamil Nadu.

6. La Ferme Cheese:

Cheese(Image Source: homegrown.co.in)

One of the very few cheese farms in India, La Ferme Cheese sends you packing with an experience to cherish. La Ferme produces over 10 varieties of cheeses including Mozzarella, Feta, Lofabu, Cheddar, and Parmesan. A highly organic and environment friendly farm, you can see the windmills used for pumping the water out and biogas being used for pasteurisation. And guess what? This cheese farm doubles up as a dance studio too!    

Who would have thought the little town of Pondicherry has so many options! We sure can’t wait to explore these hidden gems of Pondy. Do let us know which one of these got you wanderlusting!

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