Highway Truck Tales

There is more to driving on highways and being stuck behind trucks than frustration. There is the uncovering of the very meaning of life. Don’t believe it? Here is the proof!

1.We are still wondering who broke this fellow’s heart!

2.The next time you are driving behind this truck, you know what’s coming to get you.

3.Watch out, ladies. This one’s a charmer.

4.All this truck (driver) wanted to do was make night time road travel safe for everyone…

5.It is important to do so for young kids, okay?

6.Well, at least that makes driving hassle free.

7.Evidently, these truck drivers are in a happy place without girlfriends.

8.Don’t be surprised to hear reggae music bursting out of trucks on an open highway; Bob Marley’s fan following is far and wide.

9.The cargo trucks never fail to garner attention on highways – this time, they made sure everybody knows the truth.

10.We warned you that the truth about life will be uncovered behind a truck.


It is  a truth universally acknowledged that Indian truck drivers and their trucks share a very special bond – so do not miss it the next time you are trying to overtake one!


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