Highway Signposts: Laugh and Learn

Road trips are awesome. Hairpin bends, picturesque ghats and inviting inroads are absolute joy to drive on. But, they come with their own set of perils.

Thankfully, India’s road construction authorities think along the same lines (literally!) and have catchy poems and phrases, which highlight road safety through signposts across Indian highways.

Here are a few, check them out:


  • This sign is sure to wake everyone right up!
    Sign Post 9
  • Paranoid much?
    Sign Post 8


  • Careful, don’t blush while driving with your partner.
    Sign Post 7
  • Signs also have feelings, okay?
    Sign Post 6
  • Be cool man.
    Sign Post 5
  • That’s what she said!
    Sign Post 4
  • The person behind this was quite innovative, we must say.  
    Sign Post 3
  • It’s the thought that counts.  
    Sign Post 2
  • It’s not intrusive, it’s because WE CARE!
    Sign Post 1
  • Don’t drink and drive. Just don’t.
    Sign Post

Indian roads are a heady mix of beauty, drama, romance and speed. We sure are glad that there are dedicated teams that figure out great ways to keep them safe.

Time for you to spot your own set of hilarious safety signs.


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