From a Drought to Dew

Frustrated by the delay of the rains, my friends and I decided to travel to a place that would quench a bit of our monsoon thirst. It was already the second week of June and it appeared as though the rains weren’t coming anytime soon. Lazing in the backseat, enjoying the comfort of the air conditioner and looking out at the paddy fields as the car traveled through Pabe Khind towards Madhe Ghat, it already looked like the beginning of a great day.


The land got darker as grey clouds hovered above, and eventually trinket-like droplets stuck to the car window, ultimately dominating it entirely. Only the fortunate witness the initial showers of monsoon outdoors. It’s even more special when you’re able to see the drops fall in the open fields, forming puddles and pools of rainwater.  

We wanted it to be a cliché moment. So just as soon as it drizzled, we unanimously voted to find a tea vendor. While they searched for the place where we could enjoy a good chai, I rolled down the window and put my head and my tongue out, just like a dog (apparently it’s not as enjoyable for humans).

Finally we found a tea vendor, called for three cups of chai and a bonus was the chacha asking if we want onion bhajiyas with our tea. Perfect!


Soon we reached Kelad, walked to Madhe Ghat and without realizing it, stood for over fifteen minutes looking at the rainfall as it fell on the ghats. Then the rain fell faster and we rushed to the car and started our drive back.

Scenic Beauty

We went back satisfied. Well, for the moment at least. We’ll save the waterfalls for a later date.


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