Five Less-Known Places Around Mahabaleshwar That Will Take Your Breath Away

“I knew I was choosing the road less traveled, but I am not the only one walking it alone.”

-Jason Collins

Let us look at this logically – India is a geographically diverse and the second largest country in the world with a range of climatic conditions that are usually exclusive to single countries in most parts of the world. Popular or not, it is impossible to not have places to explore.

And Maharashtra is no different – especially when it comes to the picturesque Mahabaleshwar region. A popular hill region with attractions in and around it, Mahabaleshwar is an iconic monsoon and winter tourist spot. What if we say there is still more left to explore?

We bring you a list of five less known potential attractions in and around Mahabaleshwar.

  1. Baramotichi Vihir

Situated in the village of Limb in Satara, Baramotichi Vihir is probably the only step well in Maharashtra.

In 1646, the 110 feet deep with a 50 foot diameter steep well was built by Virubhai Bhosale as a water source to all the surrounding farms in the village.

The stone walls of the well have inscriptions carved over them, surrounded by viewing galleries with mini sculptors of animals. Imagine building an underground well like that in the 1600s!

  1. Ozarde Falls

Located near the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary in Satara, the Ozarde Falls are one of the many less known monsoon spots. An ideal spot for an all-day picnic, the falls are nestled between thick forests replete with Ayurvedic plants and trees, making the water gushing from over 100 feet an awesome sight.

Ozarde falls is a little known wonder that you must visit!

  1. Sajjangad

Just about 15 kms from Satara, the historically important Sajjangad fort is a treat for nature lovers.

Sitting atop a hill, the fort was built by Brahamani Emperors in the 1300s and survived to experience Shivaji Maharaj’s rule in the 1700s.



It is also the final resting place of Sant Ramdas, making it a pilgrimage spot as well.

The forts elevated position gives a panoramic view of the surrounding valley.

  1. Bamnoli Village

Possibly one of the most underestimated villages of the many scenic ones in the state, Bamnoli is situated at the high altitude of over 1,250 feet above sea level.

Located on the banks of the Shivsagar Lake by the Koyna Dam, Bamnoli hosts many boating options in the form of short trips on the Shivsagar and longer ones to Tapola.

P.S.: Make the most of the village by camping on the bank of Shivsagar!

  1. Kaas Plateau

Known as Maharashta’s very own ‘Valley of Flowers’, the Kaas Plateau is something of a miracle in the middle of Mahabaleshwar and Tapola.

The plateau carpets all of its 1,000 hectare plus surface with different hues of purple, yellow and white every fortnight and offers a breathtaking view of the hundreds of various species of flowering plants.

The Kaas Plateau will keep you for hours, so make sure you have plenty of time to bask in nature’s wonder!


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