First Long Weekend of the Year – #HitTheRoad!

The year starts with resolutions galore – will travel more, will go on more road trips, will see the world, so on and so forth… Don’t let those resolutions get lost somewhere in the hubbub of daily life. With the first long weekend of 2017 just around the corner, we’ve got some great road trips lined up for you. Hit the road, my friends.


1. Kashid
Distance: 278 kms
Route: Mumbai – Kashid – Mumbai

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Why: Kashid will never fail to appeal the traveller in you. A beach hidden amidst two hills, it is almost always secluded. This stretch of Konkan coast has all the tranquility you need to start your road trip resolution with.

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2. Ajmer-Pushkar
Distance: 2252 kms
Route: Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Ajmer – Pushkar – Ahmedabad – Mumbai  

Why: If you are looking for a trip to satiate your spirituality or if it’s just the curiosity for new cultures and traditions, Ajmer-Pushkar is the road trip for you. Throughout your drive on this buttery smooth route you will feel the essence of Rajasthan, what with the endless forts and temples greeting you at every mile.  

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1. Secret Konkan –
Distance: 1610
Route: Pune – Diveagar – Ratnagiri – Tarkarli – Goa – Gokarna – Kolhapur – Pune  

Why: You might already know how mesmerising Konkan can be with all its pristine beaches, coastal routes, and of course the scrumptious food. What if we tell you there’s more to it? Yes, you read it right. Take this road trip to see the secret Konkan beaches that are still untouched by the commercialization.

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2. Paragliding Day Trip
Distance: 98 kms
Route: Pune – Kamshet – Pune
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Why: Want to start your resolution on a high note? (And not just in words) Just a two hour drive from Pune will take you to Kamshet. Best known as a paragliding destination, this one also has an option to camp by the lake, making it an ideal trip for nature lovers too.

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1. Traditional Kerala
Distance: 1230 kms
Route: Kochi – Alleppey

Why: For someone who is looking to explore the traditional Kerala, you are up for a grand treat. This is the ideal time to visit the colonial areas of Kochi and the serene backwaters of Alleppey, plus there is the Kochi – Muziris Biennale going on! The biennale will go on until 29th of March, make the most of it on the Republic day long weekend. After touring Kochi for the various Churches, beaches and cafes, pick a houseboat or settle in a hammock for a quiet time in Alleppey.

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2. French Connections
Distance: 1000 kms
Route: Bengaluru – Puducherry – Bengaluru

Why: A beautiful blend between Tamil and French cultures, Pondicherry is an ideal road trip from Bengaluru to find some peace by the ocean. The vibrant town is known for its dreamy beaches, narrow cobble-stoned streets, and the charming cafes. Take a break and check out the Vellore fort for a dose of history.

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1. Manali – Parvati Valley
Distance: 1382 kms
Route: Delhi – Mandi – Manali – Kasol – Chandigarh – Delhi  

Why: The Himalayas just can’t be left out of a road trip resolution. Start your Himalayan adventure this year with the Manali-Parvati Valley trip. The trip is dotted with majestic views of white rivers, utopian villages, and snowy gorges. Try skiing and paragliding at Manali and head to Kasol for some quiet time.

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2. Ranthambore:
Distance: 1123 kms  
Route: Delhi – Ranthambore – Ranthambore National Park – Delhi

Why: A wildlife lover or not, the idea of spotting the Bengal tiger in the wild excites everyone. If you have something similar on mind, hit the road to Ranthambore which is known for a large tiger population. Spot the striped wild cat basking in the meadow and check out the rustic Ranthambore fort while you are at it.

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Can’t wait to get started? Brilliant! Start the year on a high note with a road trip.

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