Diwali Getaways

Diwali is on it’s way and so is a long weekend. And long weekends call for road trips! For all the Mumbai and Bangalore people out there, if you can’t decide on a destination, fret not. Here’s our list of getaways to suit all groups and moods!


1. Where: Mysore

Duration: 1 Day

Why: Don’t have a long weekend? That’s okay. Just 150 km from Bangalore, Mysore let’s you explore a whole new culture and history in just a day. Right from palaces, gardens, museums, lakes to even a zoo, you get it all. If you need more convincing, the Mysore Palace is lit in all its glory for Diwali!

Best enjoyed with: A perfect getaway for family, Mysore has number of options when it comes to shopping, palaces and of course, temples.



2. Where: Hampi

Duration: 3 – 4 Days

Why: Take the long weekend to break away and check out the beauty of ruins, just 8 hours from Bangalore. Hampi is a great place to visit after monsoons: the pleasant weather makes it a breeze to roam around. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi has some amazing age-old architecture to explore. Don’t forget to take some bouldering lessons while you are at it!

Best enjoyed with: Take your gang along for this one; you will need someone to give you a push as you cliff dive.



3. Where: Pondicherry

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

Why: Sun on your face and sand under your feet is the best way to take a few days off from the bustling city. Pondicherry is the classic beach lovers trip. Relax at a serene beach or meditate at Auroville; good food and tranquil beaches are never a bad idea. Pondicherry gives you all of that, and much more!

Best enjoyed with: This is a great place to enjoy with your friends or your partner. Someone to scuba dive or to walk the cobble-stoned streets with.



4. Where: Kochi- Alleppey

Duration: 4 – 7 Days

Why: Lucky enough to have a week to yourself? Try Kochi and Alleppey for calm backwaters, beaches and the yummiest seafood ever. The ayurvedic therapies and massages are something you should really look forward to. You can easily count on this place for some de-stressing.

Best enjoyed with: Brimming with great food and cultural history, Kerala will give you an absolutely memorable family trip. It is also a perfect place for romantic getaways with the still backwaters to relax at.    



5. Where: Gokarna

Duration: 4 – 7 Days

Why: Gokarna might be a tiny little town but there is so much to do here. With pristine beaches lurking amidst mountains, Gokarna is the perfect hippie town for you to let loose and escape the pollution of the city. Trek from one beach to the other, go canoeing or just lay back gazing at the horizon.

Best enjoyed with: This one is perfect for the solo traveller who loves treks or the groups who look for sandy spots and long walks to chill! 




1. Where: Mulshi

Duration: 1 Day

Why: A lakeside meal, dam, fort and a scenic drive to get there; Mulshi gives you all this, in a day. You can go for a boat ride or even swim with mountain and fort views around you. There is something for everyone here!

Best enjoyed with: This is the best possible one day trip for both family and friends because of the varied options available.



2. Where: Kashid

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

Why: For the ones who want it all – beaches, forts, wildlife sanctuaries, scenic roads and delicious Konkani food, head straight to Kashid. You can either go off-beat and explore a fort or just lay back at a quite beach and stargaze. Kashid is where you will find the whole kit and caboodle.

Best enjoyed with: This is a trip meant for friends. Get all the beach bums along for water sports like banana boat rides and jet skis.



3. Where: Bhandardara

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

Why: Bhandardara is yet another destination around Mumbai with a great deal of options. If you are looking for adventure, nature, culture or even history, this is where you should be. It is famous for housing the highest peak in Maharashtra, Kalsubai, and has great views of other mighty forts around like Harishchandragad and Ratangad. A picture perfect countryside trip, Bhandardara has temples, waterfalls, rivers, a dam, and even a luxury resort (Anandvan).

Best enjoyed with: Bhandardara is an ideal romantic escape.



4. Where: Aurangabad

Duration: 4 – 7 Days

Why:  Spend days exploring ancient caves, Mughal history and the Lonar lake. An ultimate escapade for history and culture enthusiasts, Aurangabad has attractions like Ajanta and Ellora caves, Bibi Ka Maqbara (intended to be a Taj Mahal lookalike), and amazing Mughlai cuisine to top it off.

Best enjoyed with:  Aurangabad ticks all the right boxes for the best family trip. Right from ancient Buddhist caves to Mughal history, this place has it all.



5. Where: Udaipur – Chittor

Duration: 4 – 7 Days

Why: If you think you are missing out on the grandeur of Mysore palace being in Mumbai, take a trip to Udaipur and Chittor. In Udaipur, adding to the charms of the palaces and temples are the lakes and Aravalli hills in the background. The noteworthy architecture of Chittorgarh of Mewar dynasty is one of the many reasons why you should be visiting Chittor.

Best enjoyed with: Explore the Mewar history and spend time shopping for Thewa jewelry with your family. The romantic setting of Udaipur and Chittor also make for a perfect trip with your partner.



This was our list of Diwali getaways. So, where’s it gonna be: Mysore or Udaipur? Don’t forget to let us know!   


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