Details and T&C for Roadside Assistance (IBW)

For the IBW Iconic 5 riders, the standard signup fee for roadside assistance has been waived off. 

  • Services available are:
    • On call roadside assistance
    • Helping with problem identification
    • Mechanic dispatch to the location.
    • Routine maintenance/running repairs.
    • Petrol delivery
    • Tyre puncture repair
    • Towing services via flatbed truck or tempo depending on the vehicle.
  • Average response time: 45 minutes. 
  • In case of unresolved issues call:
  • Approximate Costs (Which are payable directly to mechanic):
    • Technician dispatch cost: 350 – 550
    • Towing Costs :
      • For flatbed tow truck Rs. 1500 for first 30 kms, Rs. 20 per subsequent km.
      • For regular tow truck Rs. 1200 for first 30 kms, Rs. 20 per subsequent km.


  • For IBW Iconic 5 riders the signup fee has been waived off. You can directly call the helpline for assistance.
    • These free services are only valid from the 2nd – 5th February 2017 for the Pondicherry ride and 23rd – 27th Feb 2017 for the Chikhaldara ride. 
  • TLC Assist is the service provider for the road side assistance service. All existing terms and conditions of TLC road side assistance (view-able here) are applicable.
  • Easy Roads is not liable for any issues arising from the usage of these services.
  • Personal vehicles and self-driven vehicles on rent (including motorcycles)are covered under Roadside assistance for the vehicle irrespective of who is driving.
  • The cost of spare parts, fuel, oil, keys, specialist lifting equipment, garage or other consumables or labour required to repair your vehicle is payable by the customer.
  • For any charged service the mechanic will need to be paid directly for cost of part/service as per the actual cost incurred.
  • TLC Assist is not liable for any disputes with the mechanic, all disputes need to be settled between the customer and the technician/garage directly.


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