The Company You Keep (Part II)

Immaterial of the length, occasion or destination; a road trip needs the right kind of company and attitude for you to have the BEST TIME EVER (even without Neil Patrick Harris) every time. Since we missed out a couple of them in the previous list, here are some more people that are sure to make your drive to the destination as memorable as the destination itself.

  1. The Music Man/Woman
    Music Man
    Avoid getting the blues on the road and make sure you’ve got your music man (or woman, there’s no gender bias here). Also because not everyone is a Baba Sehgal fan.
  2. Human GPS
    Human Gps
    Take those friends who know the roads like the back of their hand, because your car shouldn’t be going in loops. Make them the navigators and limit the circles that you’ll take in a roundabout to one.
  3. Foodie
    It’s like traveling with your very own Ronald Mcdonald or Colonel Sanders. They’ll make sure your trip is “finger lickin good”.
  4. Shutter-bug
    Shutter Bug
    You are bound to make memories on road trips, but don’t forget to capture them as well! Taking a camera savvy friend along is great, cause they can capture your good side (and bad) on road trips.
  5. The Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Long roads become more entertaining when there’s that one person supporting the arts (mostly without realizing).

You are now road trip ready, my friend. May the roads ever be in your favour!


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