Chikmagalur − Best Stays for Coffee Lovers

To the delight of all coffee lovers, paradise is a hill station just 3580 ft. above the sea level! If nothing but coffee can wake you up, know that in Chikmagalur, nothing but coffee will wake you up. With the earthy aroma of a fresh brew along with the morning mist; there isn’t a better place to enjoy your favourite beverage.

It is said that a reverent sufi saint, Baba Budan smuggled 7 of these “magic” beans into the country from Yemen and planted them at Baba Budangiri Hills (named after him). And that is how India was introduced to this exceptional drink, Coffee. If you want to whisper a thank you, his shrine still exists on the same hill.


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Along with the history behind this town and the acres of coffee plantations, everything here speaks coffee. The markets and streets are filled with vendors selling assortments of coffee beans, filters, and everything in between. A few steps into this town and you will figure, coffee is the essence of Chikmagalur.

If you want to know how to tell an Arabica bean from Robusta or want to see what shade-grown coffee means, Chikmagalur is the place for you. Do justice to an authentic Filter Kaapi of Chikmagalur by trying them at one of these estate stays we picked for you.  

1. Halli Berri Cottages

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Why should you be sipping your coffee here? – For the warm hospitality.
Budget – Rs. 7,000 – 8,000 per night for two

Halli Berri cottages, a part of Kambihalli estate, are located right at the foothills of Baba Budangiri hills. Other than the delicious coffee and the hospitality, Halli Berri is known for their room decor – A unique blend of English country, Japanese Zen and Atthingudhi. Take an open air shower after the long walks in the private garden and the coffee estate. The lovely hosts even arrange for a picnic basket upon request. For the passers-by there is a perfect little cafe to relax at, Coffee Barn.

2. The Coffee Bean Home Stay

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Why should you be sipping your coffee here? – For the Malnad cuisine.
Budget – Rs 2,250 per night/per person

What can be a better place to relish a hot, dark espresso than a 100 year old ancestral cottage. The Coffee Bean Home stay is located in middle of a 300 acre coffee estate, Chandrabetta since the colonial era. The cottages all have a traditional fireplace and a private balcony facing the green plantations; perfect setting for unwinding in the nature. Apart from the cosy stay, the estate gives you a sunset point you can trek to, a private pond for fishing, and authentic Malnad cuisine to devour.

3. The Serai Resorts:

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Why should you be sipping your coffee here? – For the luxury.
Budget – Rs.17,000 – 25,000 per night for two

There are hardly any places where you can find such luxury in the lap of nature. Serai gives you some of the best accommodation options. Choose a villa with a terrace, a Jacuzzi, or a pool – all with different views and aesthetics of their own. The chic dining experiences in middle of dense forests will mark the memories of your stay here.

4. Flameback Lodges:

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Why should you be sipping your coffee here? – For the view from the villas.
Budget –  Rs. 12,000 – 17,000 per night for two

A part of Karthikeya coffee plantations, Flameback Lodges are located amidst dense forests and paddy fields. The estate even has a lake running through, making for brilliant views to go with your favourite cup of joe. A huge deck at the front of every villa, the elegant white interiors with dark wood furniture maintain the balance of luxury and nature at Flameback Lodges.


Chikmagalur satiates all kinds of coffee lovers. Pick any one of these estates to experience the best of this town and tell us all about it! 


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