Car Care 101

Owning a beautiful set of wheels is a great thing. Especially when you have great roads to drive on. It gives you a sense of freedom, freedom to travel at your convenience, pace and conditions. But that privilege comes with its list of responsibilities that you need to uphold. Remember, with great horsepower comes great responsibility! 

Treat your car with love and care, and it will serve you well.

1.Keep it clean!
A dust-covered hood is a sign of neglect. Make sure to wash the body of your car every week and a thorough interior scrub every month.

2.Change is the only constant.

Get the oil changed in your car every 10,000kms. It is important to lubricate the engine and stop detergents, the build up of which may kill the engine.

3.Better safe than sorry.
Yes, this rubber too. Make sure to get the air pressure in the tyres of your car checked every month, and rotate them every 10,000 kms.

4.Woah! Hold it there.
You’re not in a Bollywood movie or a video game, you’ve got one life and so does everyone else (except cats). After every 40,000kms replace your brake pads.

5.Till we grow eyes at the back of our heads.
To move forward, you need to deal with what’s left behind (like the car that’s trying to overtake you).

6.Yeh andar ki baat hai (It’s an inside matter)
Keep a strict rule, don’t allow passengers to adjust the radio using curry-covered oily hands or carry sand from the beach into your car. Protect your car from sticky fingers and dirt.

7.Let there be light
To discover roads, you need to be able to see them. Replace any bulbs in your headlights when they begin giving trouble.

8.Winter is coming!
Keeping your car in hibernation? Do it right. Park in the shade. Use a cover to avoid accumulation of dust and rubbish. Start your engine every now and then to keep the battery fresh.

9.Let it breathe!
Smoking Kills. Change the air filters (lungs) of your car after every 48,000kms.

10.Expect the unexpected (Get Car Insurance)
Just in case you come across a “series of unfortunate events”.

11.Talk to the experts
Self-medicating is a dangerous habit for you or your car. Go for annual or bi-annual check-ups, and visit the car doctor to ensure a longer run.  

For more tips on how to keep your car healthy, wealthy and wise, visit the Easy Roads app.