Bring in the New Year with a Road Trip

 The new year is beckoning us for a brand new journey and so are the open roads. One doesn’t really need a reason to hit the road but for those who want to bring in the new year a little differently, travelling is the answer. Here’s why you should be welcoming 2018 with a road trip:

1. Make memories that will last a lifetime –

There must have been many new year celebrations where you have danced your night away after endless rounds of drinking games. While we agree celebrations like these are a much needed break, how about you take a trip to start off the new year. A road trip will leave you with some fresh new stories to tell in the new year. And this time around they won’t be blurred with alcohol.

2. Connect to your loved ones –

A great way to indulge in a conversation is road tripping. Right from old school memories to food, from silly jokes to politics, you will be surprised to find how random the talks get but you will love it. With everyone so caught up in their lives opportunities to sit down and talk are quite rare. Be sure to make the most of it.

3. A breather before you start with another year:

The right way to step into a new year is with a clear mind. Take a road trip to your favourite spot or discover new places with scenic views. Drive along a coast or take a bike ride through the high mountain passes. Gaze at sunsets and sunrises in solitude or with your loved ones. A road trip can give you a whole new perspective to kick start your year.

4. Best time to take a road trip –
Road tripping at this time is the best option to go around, what with all the waiting lists and high ticket prices. It is the travel season for all the right reasons. You will have the clement weather and the festive season complementing your road trip. Not to forget the amazing festival deals up for grabs.  

5. See how new year is celebrated in different places –

Getting away from your city means you will be discovering new cultures, traditions and new ways of ringing in the new year. India has a deal of varieties. Check out the fireworks and bonfire by the beach in Pondicherry or Chham dance in Sikkim. There are no lack in options – all you need to do is pick up your keys.

Now that you know how a road trip can perk up your new year celebrations on multiple levels, where will you be heading to bring in the new year?  A beach town? Or to the hills? Do let us know.


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