Best Road Trips for a Tea Lover

In love with tea? Can’t wait to try the different blends and brews? Whether it is the unique butter tea or Kahwa from the north or the Nilgiri tea from the south; there is a lot more to this beverage than one can think of. Now before you panic, here’s a list to help you figure where to travel to for your next cup of chai. #Willtravelforchai

1. Travel to: Mumbai
The Tea: Cutting Chai

Cutting Chai

A road trip to anywhere from Mumbai is incomplete without a break (read countless breaks) for a Cutting Chai. This concoction commonly has ginger and cardamom which gives it a strong flavour. Just half of it is enough to vitalize your mind and keep you charged. So, now you know why a shout from any nook or corner for a cutting chai is music to a weary driver’s ear.

2. Travel to: Gujarat
The Tea: Masala Chai     

Masala Chai

A Gujarati Masala tea along with some Gathiya and Fafda is how every mornings start in a typical household of Saurashtra.This preparation usually has black tea leaves which are brewed in water and milk along with the special Chai Masala, a mix of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and black peppercorn. You will find different versions of masala chai in every region of the country but this recipe is of it’s own kind.

3. Travel to: Munnar
The Tea: Munnar Tea

Munnar Tea

The tea valley of south, Munnar is a dreamland for every tea aficionado. A strong liquor with a slightly fruity note, Munnar tea is a refreshing drink you will love waking up to. Drive up to an estate and pick a cosy homestay to try a cuppa here. Pluck your own tea leaves and get it brewed right at the estate. A steaming cup of tea is an experience in itself here.

4. Travel to: Ooty/Coonoor
The Tea: Nilgiri Tea

Tea Garden

If you are looking for a tea with some dark fragrance and flavours, then this one is for you. The abundance of eucalyptus plantations in the area brings in the intense aroma to the cup. An ideal way to enjoy this beverage is to trek up to a Nilgiri hill and sip on it along with the panoramic views of the plantations. Plus, drinking black tea is good for health!

Travel to: Ladakh
The Tea: Gud Gud Chai

Tea(Image Source:

The brewing process of this particular Chai is as fun as the name. After boiling it in a bamboo cylinder, this concoction is churned with salt and yak butter in it. On a tough road trip here this butter tea protects you from the harsh cold and keeps you going.

6. Travel to: Kangra Valley
The Tea: Kangra tea

(Image Source:

Kangra is known for its exquisite tea quality; especially of its green tea. The climate conditions of Kangra valley give the decoction a unique golden colour and delicate vegetal flavour. The high point of a road trip to Kangra is drinking a steaming cup of green tea with the Dhauladhar range in front of you.

7. Travel to: Kashmir
The Tea: Kashmiri Kahwa and Sheer Chai
kashmir(Image Source:

Wonder what can make the beautiful Kashmir even better? The delicious kinds of brews here, that is what. The Kahwa and Sheer Chai are two recipes of green tea traditional to Kashmir. Kahwa is  a green tea infusion with spices like saffron strands, cinnamon, and cardamom. It is usually sweetened with sugar or honey and can have any flavours of your choice; right from an apple to a Kashmiri rose.
Sheer Chai or Noon Chai is another way of preparing tea here. It has milk in it unlike the Kahwa and is salty to taste. The pink hued tea is served with dried fruits and nuts.

Now that you have this list and the perfect tea weather, there is no reason why you should be stalling a road trip to these destinations. Do let us know which one will you be ticking off your list first!



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