Best Choice of Wheels for your Road Trip

It is pretty obvious that the most essential element of a road trip is the car you drive!

Knowing which roads would be suitable to the car you are driving plays a major role in your trip planning. So we have (very ambitiously!) reviewed certain types of cars best suited for the Indian roads.

  • (Hatchback) Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Hatchbacks are great for trips that would lead you into cities or other popular destinations.
    One of the major players in the hatch back game, Swift has been winning the Indian market for ages. And there is a reason for that, this car is a perfect blend of style, comfort and performance. With good ground clearance, smooth driving and a fuel capacity of 43 litres you can always depend on this car for a long ride. Check out detailed specs and features here.

  • (Sedan) Skoda Rapid

    Known for its build quality and handling, Skoda Rapid has been a very successful car in the market ever since its launch. The car comes with two engine options with the same capacity in diesel and petrol which generates the same amount of horse power. The car is spacious and easy to drive, the seats and legroom is quite comfortable, good ground clearance and strong built of the car make it a great option for longer trips.
    Check out full details here.
    CAR 3

  • (Cross-over) Hyundai i20 active

    The latest trend in the Indian market has been of a cross over between an SUV and a passenger vehicle. This gives you the chance to make best of both the worlds. Hyundai i20 active is all about style and comfort, but it also gives the chance to off-road. Available in both petrol and diesel engines, with a fuel capacity of 45 litres and a tough exterior which makes it both an eye catcher and a very dependable for city rides as well as minor off-roading and dirt roads. Check out the full specifications here.
    Car 4

  • (SUV) Mahindra Thar

    Nothing beats a big mean SUV on the open road. And Thar is an old player in the SUV market and a dominating one at that. Sure it’s not all fancy and feature loaded but it’s everything an epic SUV needs to be. A diesel engine that pulls a strong 105 bhp in its 4×4 drive with the fuel efficiency of 16 kmpl, allows you to access the rocky hill terrains, forest trails and river streams. Thar does not have much application in the cities, but that’s not where it belongs. Check out complete specs here.

    Car 5

  • (Luxury) Land Rover Free Lander 2

    If you are looking to travel in style and etiquette and have a few bucks to spare, Free Lander is the ultimate road trip vehicle combined with all new features and a strong durability, Its diesel engine generates a strong 148 bhp pull a mileage of 12.39 kmpl which is quite decent in relation to the great driving experience that Land rover provides. Check out full details here.
    CAR 1

At the end of the day, your car should reflect your style, and suit your needs. Oh and don’t forget to get your car regularly checked before a road trip (Check out our Value Added Services to know more! 🙂 ). And then, sky is the limit!

Happy road tripping!


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