How to make your journey safe

Before you hit the road, there are a multitude of things that must be kept in mind. We’re here to lighten your burden! All you need to do is go through our list of tips and tricks and enjoy a stress free trip.

Before leaving

  • Make sure that the car is in good condition. You should check the condition of the belts and fluids and make sure that the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.
  • Be sure to have an idea of the conditions ahead (state of the road, weather).
  • Plan ahead. Know where you are going to stop for fuel, refreshments and breaks, how long it will take to get there and alternative routes in case of major traffic jams or accidents.
  • Pack the car properly.
  • Have things you will need, like driver’s license, money and change for parking and road tolls all within easy reach.
  • Check if you have enough fuel in the tank.

While driving

  • Obey the local traffic rules.
  • Don’t tire yourself. Stop every 250 Km, or every 2 hours for a little break (depending on the road condition and your speed).
  • Pull over if you start feeling drowsy. Stop and take some rest, and let someone else share the driving too.
  • Follow the Two-Second rule. Allow two seconds between you and the car in front; make it four seconds if it’s wet or the traffic is heavy.

safe driving

When you stop

  • Stop in a safe place, clear of the traffic lanes, preferably in a lay-by or parking area.
  • Before you lock your car make sure you have a key in your hand, don’t just push the lock buttons and shut the door.
  • Before leaving your car, make sure it is safe and secure. Check if the headlights are off, valuable personal items are hidden from view or locked away from opportunist thieves.

If you break down

  • Just call our partners TLC Assist on +912266919191!


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Safe journey! 🙂