Are you a car person or a bike person?

An age old point of conflict between the car and bike aficionados has always been to question which one’s better. They will always disagree in their opinions of which vehicle is right for road trips.

At Easy Roads, we also have people belonging to both sides, and we’ve listed out the pros and cons for you!


There is just something about speeding down an open highway, wind in your face, on a powerful bike that is surreal.

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As many bikers can attest, there is a different relationship with the road. So here are some of our reasons:

  1. No toll ever. 
  2. Bikers have a strong community, you know you’ll never be quite alone on a trip.
  3. Can off road easily – hence more exploration!
  4. Great mileage.
  5. Navigate traffic jams like a pro.

Be warned though, its a difficult job being a biker. You need to know what are you doing, and a little knowledge of the mechanics and experience on road always helps. Although biking is extremely cool, there are some drawbacks to it.

  1. Bikes can go fast, but not as fast as cars.
  2. There is not enough storage space. (A lot of bike luggage mounts can help.) 
  3. Bikes have decent fuel capacity, but naturally they still require more fuel stops.
  4. Bike seats are certainly not as comfortable as your car seats.
  5. Not suitable for all weather kinds. Though most riders don’t mind a little sun shining on their face or rain pouring down on them!
  6. There is only one extra seat. 🙁
  7. Long journeys can get tiring.
  8. There is also the safety concern on bikes, minor accidents or skidding on mud can plummet you off your bike. Always wear a helmet!


The car-trippers would maintain that with all the pros of bikes, the comfort of the car comes first! You can experience the wind by leaning your face out of the window. There are a lot more reasons to go by car, they say. We’ve listed those out for you:

  1. Cars can accommodate a lot more people, and music!
  2. There are so many car accessories to play around with – speakers, inverters, monitors to name a few.
  3. One can travel fast and safe. The car body can take a few minor hits without putting the rider at risk. Some cars also have additional safety features like airbags.
  4. You just need to fill up your tank once or twice on a long trip.
  5. Cars ensure that one is well protected from the hot sun and rains. Plus air conditioners!
  6. Long trips and night drives are comparatively more comfortable, and more accessible.
  7. More than adequate luggage space, plus a carrier can be added for more.


The list of pros is much longer, yes, but even cars have shortcomings. Here are some:

  1. Fuel is comparatively expensive due to less mileage.
  2. More chances of getting stuck in traffic jams. (This one is the worst!)
  3. You have to stop and pay at every toll booth.
  4. You cannot access narrow roads, and cannot off road easily.
  5. There is not a very well established community for cars (which we, at Easy Roads, are trying to change).
  6. Services and maintenance costs more.

In the end, both bikes and cars have their advantages and shortcomings, it boils down to your individual preference. For some people the disadvantages of bike riding could be the reason that makes it cool, for some travelling in style without compromising on safety and comfort could be important. Whether you ride or drive, the road has a lot in store for everyone. And we at Easy Roads help you discover it.

Photo Credit: Ruchi Khemka
Photo Credit: Ruchi Khemka


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