A Konkan Treat

The food of the Konkan region is oft regarded as one of the best that one can treat themselves to, and when one is road tripping across the coast, this food is the silver lining, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top.

A road trip through the Konkan region is filled with gastronomic delights and if you’ve had food at any of the home-stays or restaurants in those tiny beach towns, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Whether you’ve taken the Konkan Food Odyssey or the Secret Konkan trip, or even if you’ve spent a weekend driving down till DapoliDiveagar or Kashid, the memories of the food will stay with you.


A Konkan Vegetarian Thali


This article will unravel some of the mysteries of the cuisine. While the food leans more towards a non vegetarian’s delight, there are some fabulous vegetarian options as well.

  1. Sol Kadhi: Made primarily from kokam and coconut milk, this pink coloured appetizer is considered a must with every meal. Not only does it taste delicious, it’s also a great appetizer.
  2. Kombdi Vade: A non vegetarian delight, this dish is Malvani style chicken or mutton curry served with vadas, onions, lemon and sol kadhi.
  3. Mori Masala: Shark curry is a very popular dish in the Konkan. A deliciously spicy curry, it’s generally made with baby shark because of its firm meat.
  4. Bombil Fry: A succulent fish, the Bombay Duck is traditionally dusted with semolina and fried till it’s crispy from the outside and tender from inside.
  5. Phanasachi Bhaji: Vegetarians, this one’s for you. This dish is a stir fried vegetable preparation that is very popular in Konkan, and is made from jackfruit, chillies and spices.

    Phansachi Bhaji
  6. Malvani Mutton Curry: A delectable dish, it takes a long time to prepare and involves various spices which add to its flavour. A must eat for all mutton lovers.
  7. Kaju Chi Amti: A spicy veggie curry, the hero of this dish is tender cashews. Quite a royal dish, and equally lip smacking.
  8. Dhondas: For those who were wondering where the desserts at, Dhonda is a traditional Konkani sweet dish. A baked preparation made made from grated cucumber, coconut, jaggery and sooji/rawa, it’s quite yummy.
  9. Ghavan: A soft, netted rice pancake, Ghavan is especially popular in the Sindhudurg district and has attracted people with its netted appearance.
  10. Malvani Malpua: A sweet deep-fried delicacy, it’s highly popular in Maharashtra. The dish is especially in big demand during Ramzaan.

We’ll leave you with one last gastronomical picture, and dreams of travel!

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