10 Travellers you must follow on Instagram

You could be an avid traveller, or an avid dreamer, Instagram will be one of the platforms which would fuel your wanderlust. If you’re looking for pictures which showcase not just the beauty but the culture of the place, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of Instagrammers who’ll give you itchy feet:

1. Lakshmi Sharath

Instagram Handle: lakshmisharath

What is a traveller if not a story teller? Lakshmi Sharath brings forth her travel tales perfectly through different mediums.  As a travel blogger, writer, vlogger and photographer, she does a great job influencing people to hit the road. Her Instagram profile is filled with pictures of exciting destinations and bites of information about them, making it all about the experience and inspiration.



2. Harsh Man Rai

Instagram Handle: harshmanrai

If you are a biker, you probably follow Harsh Man Rai already. If not, get ready to be inspired. And inspired you will be, with his tales of off-beat road trips with the Himalayan landscapes in the background. Apart from being the co-founder of Helmet Stories, Garage 52, MW and Rolling Stone India magazines, he is also a great photographer.



3. Shubham Mansingka

Instagram Handle: shubham.mansingka

A true adventurer, Shubham Mansingka travels solo and wants to inspire people to go explore the world. And he does so through his Instagram profile and his travel blog (A boy who travels). Himalayas being his favourite, he has some awe-inspiring stills; right from snow clad mountains to frozen rivers and green valleys.



4. Radhika Sharma

Instagram Handle: unravelling_travelling

Capturing moments from places all over, Radhika Sharma has her Instagram profile brimming with the joys of wanderlust. She features heritage sites, culture, nature and every little aspects of the destination in her pictures. Her ways of exploring the world will make you want to travel right away.



5. Shaaz Achmed

Instagram Handle: shaazachmed

A perfect example of carpe diem, Shaaz Achmed’s profile is as exciting as it gets. Riding through Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, he brings to you a perfect mix of highways, dirt roads and beaches. This impulsive biker is sure to wake the adventurer in you with his Instagram feed.



6. Rishad Saam Mehta

Instagram Handle: rishadmehta

Rishad Saam Mehta, well known travel writer and photographer is already an inspiration to many. Being the diverse traveller that he is, he has hitchhiked in a truck from Mumbai to Delhi and has also driven an Audi from Munich to Mumbai. Yes, he has done it all. A published author as well, you can read about his trips in his books (Hot Tea across India and Fast Cars & Fidgety Feet). His Instagram profile is only a glimpse of his varied trips from around the world.



7. Vir Nakai

Instagram Handle: virnakai

Vir Nakai is the co-founder of Helmet Stories.Captivating everyone with his powerful biker spirit, he already has a massive following. Apart from being a motorcyclist, travel writer and photographer, he is a fellow rider with Ducati’s Globetrotter 90th project. His Instagram feed is a perfect visual treat for all bike enthusiasts.



8. Devang Sethi

Instagram Handle: the_punjabi_wanderer

A wanderer in truest sense, Devang Sethi works as a software engineer when he isn’t trotting around.He captures the essence of every destination in his pictures. The colourful landscapes and heritage buildings are so inviting, you will be packing your bags and travelling immediately.



9. Anuradha Goyal

Instagram Handle: anuradhagoyal

Anuradha Goyal is an innovation consultant and also a travel blogger. For over a decade now, she has been sharing her travel experiences through Inditales. Her Instagram profile brings out the spirit of a destination, as she perfectly captures the heritage sites, art and culture of the place.



10. Arun Bhat

Instagram Handle: arunchs

Unlike the other profiles this one doesn’t have many followers but it just had to be on our list. An expert travel photographer, Arun has many stories to tell through his compositions. Be prepared to gawk at beautiful sunsets as you browse through his pictures!



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